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A Little Bit About Formaldehyde-Free Hair Smoothing

Let's talk about a process that can be pretty controversial, and one that many people ask about in the course of getting their hair done.

It has to do with something that, to many of us, is downright dangerous, or just icky.

It's the chemical known as formaldehyde, and it's in a lot of things, actually. It has been known to be added to floor laminate products. It's also been a mainstay of the hair smoothing business for quite a while…

But people are getting fed up and frustrated with formaldehyde in their hair products. There's some information to suggest that it's possible formaldehyde could be carcinogenic in this process.

“Most hair smoothing or straightening products release formaldehyde gas, a known human carcinogen as classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, into the air during the hair straightening or smoothing process,” writes an analyst at the Food and Drug Administration. “Formaldehyde exposure can cause both short- and long-term effects that may impact your health.”

Looking for Alternatives

Some people that are turned off to traditional formaldehyde straightening and smoothing are worried about indications from places like the FDA that suggest formaldehyde might have carcinogenic attributes.

Other people just associate the stuff with dissecting frogs in biology class.

Formaldehyde has kind of a gross smell, and is just generally not very appealing to people, at least not in its pure formulations. On the other hand, some people don’t mind having a bit of it in products – but others do.

That's one reason that we've invested in learning about formaldehyde alternatives like glycolic acid, where you can smooth without using this all-purpose formula that has fallen from grace in the past few years.

It's all part of a customized plan for your hair, which is what we offer at Kiki’s Hair Shop.

Kiki’s Hair Shop specializes in Formaldehyde Free Hair smoothing treatments and specifically works with S4 TEC.

S4 is different from some other smoothing agents. It contains no formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors. S4 works from the inside out, delivering Abaco Neem Oil and other botanicals and nutrients through the cuticle into the cortex. Clients will be able to immediately see and feel the difference. The Cuticle opens during the application step to allow the nutrients to penetrate.

During the flat iron process, the keratin, Abaco Neem Oil and other nutrients are sealed into the hair. That’s it! No formaldehyde, no toxic chemicals, just smooth Frizz free hair for up to 5 months.

Like so much of what we do here, the formaldehyde-free alternative is all about giving people options and developing trust. When there's a place that you can go to for your hair any time and feel good about it, that tends to make you feel better about preparing for big events, or setting up your daily routine. And there's a social component of this, too, that we’re proud to be a part of as our customers have gotten to know each other over the years and shared life events and everything else.

It's a neighborhood place, and it's a place where people feel comfortable getting their hair done!

It's a boutique shop, where we don't double book, but instead pay direct attention to every single client and what they need done. It’s a place for you!

That commitment to customer service has made us a successful hair business in the Broomfield, CO area. Come take a look!

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