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From Brunette to Blonde: The Power of Lift in Hair Coloring

Changing your hair color from brunette to blonde involves a process known as lifting. In hair coloring, lifting means lightening the natural color of the hair. This happens through a chemical reaction that reduces the natural pigment in your hair.

The amount of lift needed can vary, depending on how dark your starting hair color is and how light you want to go. Typically, going from brunette to blonde requires more lifting.

With the help of a professional hairstylist in Lafayette, CO, you can achieve your desired blonde shade without damaging your hair. Kiki's Hair Shop offers lifting services that use high-quality products and techniques to ensure the health and integrity of your hair.

Here are some things you need to know about the power of lift in professional hair coloring.

Hair Health Assessment

Before undergoing any hair coloring process, professionals need to assess the health of your hair. This is especially crucial when lifting dark hair to blonde.

Professionals will examine the strength and condition of your hair to determine how much lift it can handle without compromising its health. They may also perform a strand test to see how your hair reacts to the lifting process.

By evaluating the health of your hair, experienced hair stylists in Lafayette, CO, can adjust their techniques and use appropriate products to minimize damage and achieve desired results.

Customized Lightening Process

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to lifting hair. Each person's hair has different needs and requires a customized lightening process.

Professionals take into account several critical factors to tailor the lightening process for each individual's unique hair qualities:

  • Hair Texture: The thickness or fineness of the hair strands can affect how the hair absorbs and responds to the lightening chemicals.

  • Hair Color: The natural or previously colored pigments in the hair determine the achievable amount of lift and the type of lightening agent to use.

  • Hair Strength: The overall health and resilience of the hair influence how it withstands the chemical process, dictating the intensity and duration of treatment to prevent damage.

By considering these factors, the professionals at Kiki's Hair Shop can create a personalized lightening plan that meets your hair's specific needs and produces the best results.

The Role of Toners

After lifting, professionals use toners to neutralize unwanted warm tones, achieving the perfect blonde shade. Toners are semi-permanent hair color formulas that add pigments to cancel out brassy or orange hues in bleached hair.

Toners offer a range of shades from cool ash to warm golden tones and can also enhance natural highlights for a multi-dimensional look. They also help balance the pH levels of the hair, promoting shine and manageability.

Professionals at Kiki's Hair Shop use toners as a final step in the lifting process to achieve a flawless blonde color while maintaining the health of your hair.

Looking for a Professional Hairstylist in Lafayette, CO?

If you're considering going from brunette to blonde, trust the professionals at Kiki's Hair Shop for a safe and successful hair coloring experience!

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