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More Than Just A Hair Place

What does it mean to be more than just a hair place?

We think we know a little bit about that. As a local neighborhood fixture with a lot of loyal customers, we see people coming in and out of here day after day, talking to us quite a bit, as they do. We hear from families about how the services that we provide are more than just routine cosmetic visits. That makes us feel good, because it’s part of our philosophy to be locally involved.

Part of the Community

A good salon or barbershop is part of the community that it serves. The business creates those ties with the local people and the local environment, and becomes associated with a town or place. It’s easy to see when you really get into the community, and ask people about their routines, and their favorite places to go. It also shows in local media, like a local newspaper, if your community is lucky enough to have one of those.

This involvement of the small business in the community happens for a number of reasons, and in a number of different ways. Whether it's sponsoring events, or just taking care of local customers with extra mile service, it's an investment that the business makes, partly for its own sake and partly because it's the right thing to do.

There are far too many corporate installations operating across America that don't have that small business mindset for growth and quality. But here at our shop, we see our local culture at work every day. We take care to learn the techniques that are popular, and deliver quality to everyone who steps in the door. If you look back through the blog, you can see some of our notes on different hair types and hair coloring that explain how we approach these different services. We love hair! And we take pride in our knowledge of the latest fashions, the latest science, and how to get the best outcomes for our visitors. That’s just part of the job!

The bottom line, though, is that many of our customers know what they want, and they come to us for hair care because we are the shop that they trust. We are part of their community and part of their lives, and there is a richness to that that just can't be beat.

That's part of what it's all about. It's not just about technique – figuring out how to thin down thick hair, or exploring how to create the lived-in look or nailing the highlights – it's also about that deliberate and detailed way that you relate to customers and how you become involved in each other's lives. So come on down to Kiki’s Hair Shop, and you'll find a place you can call home!

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