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Some Key Terms From Our Glossary

We put a glossary of terminology on the website to help people understand what stylists and professionals are talking about when they go over hair care processes.

Coloration is an exploding industry that is getting more complex all the time. People in cosmetology school know a lot of these terms, but the average person does not. Here's a little bit of what you'll get into when you're trying to select a plan for hair changes in our top-tier salon.


We've all heard songs about the ‘highlights in her hair,’ and people have a general idea of this being a thing, but if you ask ten people what ‘highlights’ are, we think that only one or two of them would know.

The process of highlighting is taking certain strands of hair and lightning them for contrast and dimension. You can see this in fashion magazines, too, and on television, but for a lot of people, it tends to be in one ear and out the other – it goes right over their heads. They don't know how these certain effects were done, or how to order processes that will make someone's hair look like that.

Double Process

We talk about double process as a two-part solution for hair care and treatment in our salon.

That can take several forms – one process may dye the roots, where the other takes a more exterior approach.

We can talk over your options with you to think about what's best for your hair.


Lift just basically means to lighten areas of the hair – but again, that's terminology that doesn't just make sense automatically. You have to be in the industry or learn about it somehow. So we added that into the glossary, too.

Trend Pastels

In the new world of color, a lot of people are getting more bright and dramatic tones for their hair. Read up on trend pastels and warm colors to get more of an idea of whether this kind of hairstyle is right for you.

All of this can help you to make up your mind if you are thinking about modern salon work. It’s easier to make those big decisions if you know more about the science behind coloration and everything else. Check in and we’ll make room for you on the schedule and pay attention to your specific needs. We love to work with new clients to really get them thinking about what they want to do long-term.

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