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Simple Summer Hair Care Tips

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Summer can wreak havoc on even the most healthy hair between the salt, sand, and sunshine. Color-treated hair can be especially vulnerable to the extreme conditions that a busy summer can present. To keep your hair happy, healthy, and looking its best without tons of harsh chemicals or oppressive routines, check out these simple summer hair care tips that work with the carefree vibes of summer!

Be Proactive, Cover Up

The best place to start protecting your hair from summer damage is by being proactive. Creatively cover your head when you're out for a day in the sun for extra protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Covering your head with a cute scarf or hat will help your scalp retain moisture and keep color-treated hair from fading too quickly.

Loose Styles Are Gentle For Summer Hair

Stay away from tortured and overworked hair styles this summer, and your hair will thank you. Tight hairstyles can pull hair out and tear the heart itself. Loose styles such as a messy braid or bun are ideal for taming wild manes without injuring the hair. An up-do also reduces the hair's exposure to the sun and keeps it more secure in the wind, which minimizes tangles.

Wash Hair Less Often

Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which then stimulates additional oil production that, in turn, makes you feel like you should wash it more. After a day at the beach or the pool, try a cool water rinse only and see if that decreases any built-up oil, or use a dry shampoo to give you the clean you crave without stripping your hair natural oils.

Skip The Blow-Dry

Summer is the perfect time for no-fret hair styling. Letting your hair air dry will keep it healthy during hot days. Blow-drying your hair exposes it to extra heat that can cause it to frizz and damage. Go for the natural beach hair vibe by skipping the excessive heat of flat irons and curling irons to protect your locks from heat damage.

Try A Shampoo That Contains UV Protection

Some innovative shampoos have incorporated sunscreen to keep the damaging UV rays at bay. Using a shampoo with this extra layer of UV protection can keep it shiny and healthy throughout the summer fun. If you are in a pinch, you can always run your fingers through your hair after applying sunscreen on your body; any sun protection is better than no sun protection.

Have Fun In The Sun Without Hair Damage

Try these tips for healthy, beautiful hair all summer long. As always, speak to your hair specialist about any specific hair care tips that precisely fit your needs. You may love your new hair care routine so much that you keep it year-round!

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