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Getting “Lived In” Hair

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

What is Lived In Hair?

Lived in Hair is a technique that combines balayage and ombre into a seamless blended method with bold pops of blonde that amplifies your natural color finishing with beautiful dimension. Similar shades, also known as low lights, are worked into your hair color, taking into account the clients roots & skin color, so the hair looks effortless and polished. I know, it sounds complicated, and for the Specialist working on your hair, it is. To achieve Lived-In hair it takes in-depth color knowledge, hours and hours of training, practice and most importantly, an understanding of blonde placement and negative space.

It's Go Time!

So, you're on the way to a Salon to meet with a Lived In Hair Specialist for your Consultation with your inspiration pics and research saved on your phone. We love clients that have an idea of what they want, don't worry about how to get there, that's our job and please ask questions! You should feel comfortable with the Specialists knowledge and experience so you can proceed with an appointment.

Home Care & Maintenance

Protect the investment you've made in your hair and purchase quality shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant and styling products. Chances are your Specialist will guide you through this process and make some suggestions. Stay away from Hot water, switch to room temperature instead and refrain from putting heat on your hair without a heat protectant. Unprotected hair will lead to damaged hair. Please feel free to book a Consultation at Kiki's Hair Shop if you're looking for a Lived in Hair Specialist in Broomfield Colorado. We love meeting and working with new clients!

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