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Breaking Down Warm Blonde Hair Colors

It's true; blondes have more fun! Whether you are a natural blonde or have fun choosing different shades of blonde to enhance your look, blonde hair remains dominant in hair color for women. Blonde hair shades are typically of two types: cool and warm. Warm blonde consists of more golden tones than cool blonde, giving your look a sun-kissed edge. If you are ready to take your natural blonde to the next level or change your brunette to surfer-girl locks, we've got the lowdown on warm blonde shades.

Warm Blonde Vs. Cool Blonde

Before diving into warm blonde shades, you should know more about cool blonde hair color shades. Cool blondes are paler shades like ash, platinum, and ice blonde, whereas warm blondes have richer, golden undertones. Your skin's undertone will help you determine whether you are more suited for cool or warm blonde hair color. Yellow undertones mean you have a warm skin tone, and pink undertones suggest you have a cool skin tone. Creating a contrast between your skin tone and hair color is the most flattering. Still, your professional colorist can help you make the best color decisions for your preferred look. Let's jump into popular warm blonde hair color shades to inspire your new look!

Creamy Blonde Hair

Ultra-light and luminous, creamy blonde hair color has a glowing finish achieved through all-over highlights. This shade of blonde will bring out your skin tone and give your hair a cashmere-like appearance that is perfect for any time of year.

Golden Blonde Hair

The total opposite of icy blonde hair, golden blonde is beaming with warm-hued highlights and chocolate lowlights to give your hair a thicker appearance. Brightness can be added to boost the shimmer of the golden tones in the hair color to provide you with a polished look.

Beach Blonde Hair

The ultimate in surfer girl vibes, beach blonde hair, appears kissed by the sun. Featuring a scattering of caramel and pale blonde tones, beach blonde coloring gives a beachy summer look that brings out warm tones in your skin.

Honey Blonde Hair

Buttery-like honey, honey blonde hair is a softer golden blonde color. Honey blonde hair is flattering for both cool and warm skin tones and looks naturally beautiful. If you choose to go honey blonde as your professional colorist for products, that will help you keep its vibrance longer.

Warm Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage is more than a trend; it's a way of life! Create a sultry look with a warm blonde balayage for a runway-ready look. Carefully placed blonde highlights give the balayage's dark-to-light ombre graduation a leveled-up appearance.

Warm Platinum Blonde

If you think you can't go platinum without going ice blonde, think again. Warm platinum blonde is more natural-looking than the cool tones of traditional platinum blonde. This look is achieved by using a more yellow-hued blonde instead of a white blonde and is perfect for people who want to brighten their naturally blonde locks.

Go Blonde!

If you want to brighten up your appearance and bring some sunshine into your day, go blonde! Warm blonde colors provide a range of options that bring out the best in your skin tone, giving your look a burst of energy and brightness.

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